You can be an Essential GRAPHICS DESIGNER!

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Essential Theatre seeks a talented graphics designer who enjoys theatre and is able to work for a small stipend and tickets.

The Essential Theatre has long been the leading champion of Georgia playwrights, producing and developing many new plays by local writers.  Coming up in 2012, we’ll be celebrating the 25th year of our existence by presenting our first-ever ALL GEORGIA PLAY FESTIVAL!
World Premiere!
Five public school teachers are caught in the limbo of the disciplinary “Rubber Room”, waiting for their cases to be heard and their fates decided.  Poignant and funny, it’s like The Breakfast Club for teachers, as they share secrets with each other and begin to look into their own hearts.  Winner of the 2012 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award.  
BAT-HAMLET by Jordan Pulliam

World Premiere!
What if Shakespeare had conceived the melancholy Dane as a costumed crimefighter?  The worlds of comic books and the Bard of Avon come together in this hilarious mash-up, a tale of murder and revenge, poetry and BAM!  SOCK!  POW! 
THE LOCAL by Local Authors

World Premiere!
A collaborative theatre project about the City of Atlanta, by the writers of Atlanta, to be developed and directed by Ellen McQueen, award-winning director of Ice Glen and Sally and Glen at the Palace.  A similar project is happening in Tampa, Florida, and we hope to reach out to theatres around the country to eventually make this a nation-wide phenomenon. 

If you are interested, please email mperloe AT or post a comment. We can provide more information about the plays as well as graphics required. Thanks.