Essential Theatre Seeks Play Submission for THE LOCAL

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The Essential Theatre invites Georgia writers to submit short plays to be considered for THE LOCAL, a collaborative theatre project about the City of Atlanta to be developed and directed by Ellen McQueen, for production in the next Essential Theatre Play Festival (coming up in the summer of 2012).  A similar project is currently in development by Stagewrights, a company in Tampa, Florida.
All plays must be set at a specific location in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, and all of them must, in some way, touch upon the subject of homelessness.  The scripts do not have to be about the homeless (although they can be) and do not have to have homeless characters onstage (although they can).  The idea is to have homelessness be the thread connecting all the pieces, but the subject may be treated glancingly (even a single sentence or image), be absolutely central or anything in between.  Writers may also interpret their definition of “homelessness”.  We hope to receive submissions with a wide variety of styles and tones, set at many different locations around the city, and we’re open to the possibilities of incorporating music and movement in the submitted material.
Scripts can have running time of anywhere from two to twenty minutes, and should feature small casts of no more than five.  The submission deadline will be on January 15, 2012.  Multiple submissions are allowed.  All writers will retain the rights to their own work.  All writers will be paid something; the budgeted royalties for this piece will be $30.00 per performance, so how much individual writers will be paid will depend on how many pieces are chosen. 
Submissions can be e-mailed to [email protected], or sent to
The Essential Theatre
1414 Foxhall Lane #10
Atlanta, GA  30316
For more information about the Essential Theatre, to read about our 25-year history of bringing new plays to Atlanta audiences, please visit our website at