GO LOCAL, We are still looking for short pieces for this years

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Just a reminder — the Essential Theatre is accepting short plays to be considered for this summer’s THE LOCAL project.  We want plays set at specific locations in Atlanta, and we’re accepting submissions through Jan. 15.  You can e-mail submissions to [email protected].  The plays can be in any style, can be realistic or not, and be set in the past or the present.  We’re hoping to get submissions about as many different real places in Atlanta as possible.  This project is meant to about Atlanta, the place we live, written by the people who live here.
AND — because we want this project to be open to as many people as possible — and some people hesitate at the thought of writing a play — we invite people to just write down stories or memories you may have about places in the city and just send them in, and we may find a way to make use of them.  If you have questions about any of those, feel free to call director Ellen McQueen at 404-378-9817.