Why support Essential Theatre?

When you support Essential Theatre, you are supporting the longest-running theatre dedicated exclusively to supporting the work of Georgia playwrights. You are helping to give Georgia playwrights a voice by supporting the production of their work here at home and providing a launching pad for their work to be seen and appreciated around the country and the world! You are saying, “I am committed to good theatre. I believe that Georgia playwrights are producing some of the best theatre around, and I want the world to know!”


“What can I say? I love being there with you to welcome the patron guests for each and every wonderful moment.”

-Jeff Carroll, long-time Festival usher


“Martha Nell was like a second mother to my daughter at Unto These Hills, and Essential Theatre is very dear to me. I’m so glad to be able to help Essential by contributing to this fund.”

  -Ida Glynn McQueen, Bill & Martha Nell Hardy Memorial Fund supporter


“I am excited to be an advocate for the support of new work and to encourage audiences to find delight in experiencing fresh artistic perspectives.”

-Kacie Willis, founder of Could Be Pretty Cool Productions, our 2021 and 2022 Playwriting Award Sponsor

Looking for something deeper?

Join Our Board

Essential Theatre is proud of our reputation for presenting high quality productions of new works by Georgia playwrights. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit engaging a diverse group of participants and catering to an equally diverse audience. To help us further promote our mission and grow our company, Essential Theatre is actively seeking 3 to 4 new board members.

“Being on the board of Essential allows me to help Georgia’s theatre creatives reach an audience, and audiences experience new and emerging forms of theater.”

Audrey Galex, board member since 2018


Who should become an Essential Theatre sponsor?

Anyone interested in supporting Georgia’s writers and artists; anyone who enjoys seeing great theatre; anyone who believes that Georgia’s playwrights are great American playwrights, too; anyone who wants to support Essential Theatre’s work, or who has enjoyed our work in the past; anyone who is excited to see new creative and cultural opportunities in West End, where our Festival takes place, and in Georgia as a whole.