Why haven’t you seend “A Thousand Circlets” yet?

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There are a limited number of performances remainging to see Essential Theatre’s world premiere production of Theroun Patterson’s prize winning play, “A Thousand Circlets”. You don’t want to miss this one. 

“Essential Theatre’s production of Theroun Patterson’s A THOUSAND CIRCLETS is wonderful. Theroun Patterson’s writing is smart, funny, tender, painful, and absolutely real.”
Jo Howarth Noonan
“A Thousand Circlets is powerful and well played. The complex family dynamic reminds me of Long Days Journey into Night.”
Rebecca B. Rogers

“Theroun Patterson’s A Thousand Circlets is another artistic coup for the Essential Theatre’s Play Festival. Theroun’s writing is both poetic and pure.  It evokes both tears and joy, sometimes simultaneously. The cast of strong actors is made even stronger by Betty Hart’s direction. I am going back. You should come too. “
Sarah Emma Hall

“A Thousand Circlets was stellar in writing and production. Thank you all!”
Valetta Anderson
“Saw The Essential Theatre production of Theroun Patterson’s A Thousand Circlets. Enjoyed it. Two more plays to see. This festival is a great event for Atlanta.”
James Beck
“Exceptional work — all around. We saw A Thousand Circlets and Great Falls this past weekend. Dynamic, thought-provoking stagecraft.”
Ralph Caldwell
Saw a really great play yesterday evening, A Thousand Circlets by Theroun Patterson at Actors Express…wonderfully written, staged and performed!!”
Sherry Lee