GREAT FALLS – An Atlanta Theater Fans Critique

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“Confessions are good for the soul – so they say. For many people, and families, bringing a secret into the light of day is a healing process. Like any family, the one in Essential Theatre’s Great Falls, holds its share of baggage and secrets.”

“The play takes the audience on a parallel emotional journey to the characters’ own trip through the scenic west. A play this emotional requires a talented cast and well-crafted dialogue. If a play is poorly written, great acting can save it and vice-versa. Audiences seeing Great Falls don’t have any worry; it excels in both.”
“Both Emmett Furrow and Ashleigh Hoppe bring emotional depth and a genuine sense of humanity to each of their characters to win the audience over. Great Falls takes us on a journey to discover ourselves and confront our own hurts and fears as we watch two characters fall apart and heal onstage. If nothing else, the acting alone makes this play worth seeing.” Kenny Norton