Audience Speaks Out About Essential’s GREAT FALLS

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“So enjoyed Great Falls last night. Ellen McQueen’s superb direction led two very talented, “new on the Atlanta scene” actors down the road to discovery. Thanks for the trip! Great work!” Paul Holly

“People! Go see GREAT FALLS and all the wonderful plays at Essential Theatre! GREAT FALLS is amazing! Ashleigh Hoppe rocked it!” Bree Dawn Shannon

“Saw Great Falls tonight. Not to be missed. Great story great characters wonderful performances and as usual inspired directing. See it. ” Jayson Smith

“Congrats on the Great Falls emotional roller coaster, it’s an intense ride, the actors did a wonderful job and the directing and scene design really capture the glorious melancholy of vast spaces and journeys into the past.” Karla Jennings 

“Another incredibly strong performance of the Essential Theatre Festival.  Great Falls is a lovely play that is directed and performed beautifully. Kudos to Mr. Hardy and the entire production team and cast. The Essential Theatre Festival has become one of my favorite events of the summer. I can’t wait to see the rest of the plays!” Amanda Cucher