Thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2014 Festival power2give!

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SO MUCH THANKS to all 60 of our amazing, incredible and SOOO appreciated power2give campaign donors. Thanks to your support, this summer’s festival will continue to deliver the excellent theatre you’ve come to expect from Essential and our playwrights and artists, and we will be able to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves to better serve the artists and audiences who make our work worthwhile.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you each and every one:

Mark Perloe
Jennifer Kimball
Chris Carlsten
Justin Bradshaw
Cathy Jamison
Mary Marshall
Jill Buechner
Patricia Wright
Portia Cue
Judy Beasley
Rial Ellsworth
Jo Howarth-Noonan
Charlotte Fleck
Yolanda Asher
Topher Payne
Ellen McQueen
Bob Smith
Theo Harness
Brenda Porter
Joseph Gantt
Lenny Pallats
Susan Steifel
Vynnie Meli
Timothy McDonough
Kathleen McManus
Rebecca Westlake
Richard Belcher
Hank Kimmel
Sarah Cave
Kelly Christopher
Steven Ritchie
Robert Drake
Jill Patrick
Danyale Taylor
Hilary King
DeWayne Morgan
David Keith Best
Lee Buechele
Lori, Thom & Sydney Stanley
Doug Kaye
Stephanie Wilkinson
Lesley Gray
Claire Bronson
Ida McQueen
Joanna Daniel
Karla Jennings
Neeley Gossett
Jessica Tanner
Barbara O’Haley
Melissa Hardy-Trevanna
Kathleen Sia
Amanda Cucher
Jill Lobo
Annie Harrison Elliott
Bill Bozarth
Charles Swint
Kathy Manning