Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who supported our fall power2give campaign! 
Juana Mendenhall, Cathy Jamison, Paul Donnelly, Betty & Ed Mitchell, Hank & Barbara Kimmel, Johnny Thigpen, Marilyn Baron, Vynnie Meli, Get Scene Studios, Carol Ponder, Jill Jackson, Doug Kaye, Sherry Shaw, Yolanda Asher, Kathleen Magbee, Aaron Gotlieb, Chris Carlsten, Thom, Lori and Sydney Stanley, Sarah Cave, Amber Bradshaw, Kathy Manning, Anna Richardson, Nancy Powell, Alex Van, Jennifer Kimball, Libby Mickle, Mark Perloe, Holly Stevenson, Brent Darnell, Gerry Bartholomai, Joanna Daniel and Pamela Rooks


Together we raised $6,500 to support Essential’s ongoing work to provide development and professional production opportunities to Georgia’s playwrights. As outlined on our campaign project page, this $6,500 will help fund Essential’s two staff positions and cover expenses for our non-festival readings, panels and conversations so that we can keep these events admission-free throughout the year.

Whether it was your first time donating to Essential or you’ve been supporting us for years, your support is essential  and we’re thankful that you are a part of the Essential tradition.

Happy Holidays! We look forward to bringing you great things in 2017!