Thanks to Bob Smith for making the final donation to our power2give campaign. We are so proud and thankful for your support, and for the support of everyone who made a donation to our power2give campaign this fall.

If you see any of these people, be sure to give them a hug from us:
William Hardy, Mark Perloe, Rozanne Stark, Cindy Dover, Cheryl Shaw, Karla Jennings, Rial Ellsworth, Katherine Brokaw, Cathy Jamison, Lauren Gunderson, Maryanne Gaunt, Hank Kimmel, Chris Carlsten, Johnny Thigpen, Jane Kroessig, Jo Howarth Noonan, Susan Bledsoe, Annie Harrison Elliott, Mary Wellington, Judith Beasley, Barbara Cleveland, Jessica Linden, Bob Smith, Kathy Manning, Ellen McQueen, Doug Kaye, Melinda Wood, Leslee Sinclair, Kevin Renshaw, Barbara O’Haley, Vynnie Meli, Jennifer Kimball, Charles Swint, Jill Patrick, Caroline Kelso and Amie Kroessig.

Thanks to each of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your belief in our work and your support of our mission. We’re proud to count each of you as supporters and friends.