We did it!

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Last week, our power2give funding goal was met, a full WEEK before the deadline. THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to help us reach our goal. Your support is essential and we appreciate you SO MUCH:

Chelsea Steverson,
Amanda & Scott Cantrell,
Deadra Moore,
Milton Sams,
Jessica Linden,
Brent Darnell,
Yolanda Asher,
Cathy Jamison,
Hank and Barbara Kimmel,
Susan and Alan Stiefel,
Aaron Gotlieb,
Patrick Hill,
Mark Perloe,
Andrea Ivory,
Thom Lori and Sydney Stanley
and Festival Sponsors Rover.com

Funds raised through this power2give campaign are making it possible for Essential to increase artist fees and provide documentation for our Playwriting Award Winners of the world premiere productions of their shows. 

Essential runs two power2give campaigns every year: one in the fall to deepen and develop overall programming that Essential is able to offer, and one in the Spring to support the upcoming summer Festival. If you’re interested in supporting Essential’s mission and work and want to make sure you’re aware when opportunities arise, join our mailing list or contact us to discuss specific opportunities.