“On the way downtown,” Eyedrum Art Exhibit at West End Performing Arts Center

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AlexMeet Alex Feliciano, the artist whose artwork is featured in this summer’s Eyedrum exhibit at the West End Performing Arts Center.

Alex’s works for this show are a slice of a complex and vibrant moment inside of what is often a mundane piece of reality.. Each piece is an effort to extract a cross-section from a commonplace experiences and show their wonder. His theme, “Some thing happened”, is an effort to illustrate the idea that we are all part of a bigger stories. Each piece is a slice out of these moments, moments we all share.

The Process:
In the end I made 16, 5×7 collages. They are a fractured series of vignettes. I start by creating geometric patterns onto a 5×7 piece of paper, this serves as the foundation for the college. The collage is made up of colored paper and Ink layered between matte media. I cut small shapes, hands, heads, jaws, teeth, hair and beards out of colored paper. I spend a few days making patterns, and pieces, like stage settings. The narratives start to manifest at this point and decisions are made. Pieces are mounted and drawing embellishes are added between the layers of matte media. Some where before the final coat I attach it to a block of birch wood. The materials are simple and  I enjoy the process of building them up to create an effect of depth and atmosphere.

sniffing_the_new_hand_shakeResponse to trauma





No.5 of 16, “Remember Me as I Was”. This illustrates the moment my dog first saw me after I shaved off my beard. Stepping into the kitchen, clean shaven and smelling like product, I startled her. She, for a moment, did not know who I was and readied herself for trouble. 


Alex’s work will be on display in the lobby at the West End Performing Arts Center  for the duration of the Festival.  A gallery reception will be held this Saturday, August 8, at 6pm in the lobby.