Meet the Playwright: Bill Gibson

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We most recently interviewed tonight’s playwright, Bill Gibson, back in 2014 leading up to our reading of his play Christ, America. Click here to read the full interview. His latest work, The Cisco Kid Was My Mother’s Boyfriend, is our reading at tonight’s Bare Essentials. Here’s what Bill had to say about this play:

What was your inspiration for Cisco Kid?
My late wife of 51 years: It is about her father and grandmother.

How long have you been working on this script?
7-8 years.

What has the development process looked like, and where in that process is the script we’ll be hearing tomorrow night?
The play has had cold readings in conjunction with an Atlanta playwrights group.

How does Cisco Kid compare to some of the other Bill Gibson plays Essential audiences have seen? Most recently, Christ, America, and back in 2002, Warts?
As with the others, it is a comedic-drama.

What is the importance of staged readings in your own creative
 process and the development of your play? What do you hope to get out of this Bare Essentials reading process?
The feedback is invaluable toward an eventual production of the play.

What has your experience with this reading been so far?
The feedback is important and as always, the Essential support has been wonderful!

Where else can we see your work, either recently, currently or in the near future?
Currently working on several plays including ‘Mr. Smittski Goes To Washington’ (A parody of the movie.)


The Cisco Kid Was My Mother’s Boyfriend will be read at the West End Performing Arts Center on Monday, November 30, at 7:30pm.

Directed by Julie Skrzypek and featuring the reading talents of Holly Stevenson, Truman Griffin, Robin Bloodworth, Rebekah Suellau, Brandon Partrick, Rial Ellsworth and Nicole Smith.

All readings are free and open to the public, donations gladly accepted.