Bare Essentials Reading Monday December 9

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Join us at the West End Performing Arts Center for our next Bare Essentials Play Reading:

Written by Daniel Carter Brown
Directed by Peter Hardy

“Is something that was supposed to bring us all together only driving us further apart?”

The Outrage Machine is a semi-comedic exploration of internet journalism, social media, and the culture of outrage. Twenty-something Rina Marsh gets a job writing headlines for The Centurion, an upstart website aiming to stand out for its integrity and responsibility. Rina finds that pushing people’s anger buttons results in more views, and she and the website become rapidly successful. But one headline goes too far, and Rina finds out what happens when an angry public gets out of control.


Rylee Bunton, Bridget McCarthy, Charles Travontia Thomas, Joey Davila, Sean Kelley, Parris Sarter, Aaron Gotlieb, Najah Ali

“I was drawn to this play because I found it to be a sharply-observed, fast-paced look at a real thing that’s happening in society today — the way social media and the internet have created an environment in which anger is fostered and manipulated to drive commerce. It’s also a compelling and believable story about a young woman looking for a way to make a living by helping people to be more well-informed, only to find that the truth isn’t always the surest way to generate clicks.”

-Essential Theatre Artistic Director Peter Hardy

Join us Monday night!

All readings in the Bare Essentials series are free and open to the public. Free parking in the Wells Fargo lot next door. Be sure to stay after for exciting conversation with the director, cast and playwright!