Atlanta Theatre Buzz’s PERSON OF THE YEAR

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Congratulations to Kathy Manning for being named Atlanta Theatre Buzz’s PERSON OF THE YEAR. We’ll second that emotion!

As well as working with many different theatre companies around town, Kathy has been the Essential Theatre’s Prop Mistress of the Universe for some years now, as well as serving as a Stage Manager and All-Around-Indispensible-Contributor. Here’s what Atlanta Buzz had to say:

For the 2 people in Atlanta who don’t know Kathy, we will give you a little background. Kathy is a true unsung hero of local theatre. There is not a person who works harder and complains less. I can’t think of a person who can take control of any situation as a stage manager or production manager, and still have the respect and loyalty of everyone in a cast. I can’t think of one person with a harsh word about her. She is an example to all of us in being professional, with a strong work ethic. Most of us are better for having worked in a production with her. If you see her, congratulate her and tell her that this is well deserved. In fact, it’s about time!