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The World Premiere of Gabriel Jason Dean’s QUALITIES OF STARLIGHT, directed by Peter Hardy for the Essential Theatre Play Festival. Featuring Patricia French, Daniel Burnley, Matt Felten, Kelly Criss, Alex Van and Nina Kyle.

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“A work of great imagination which is directed by Peter Hardy, superbly acted and wonderfully set … it is a terrific show and an enjoyable evening, one you do not want to miss.” Bob Heller, Publishers Feature Syndicate

“The performance was amazing wonderful and so dang funny. We really enjoyed it.” Joan Punkett, Community Events Coordinator, VSA Arts of Georgia

“The set design was fantastic – like walking into a living yard sale – all the details, from the scummy refrigerator to the rubber chicken and the prayer hands were priceless. The Elvis soundtrack was a nice touch – his music has always had a hint of sadness mixed in with the upbeat rhythms and fun lyrics, mirroring what was going on stage really well. I can’t say enough about the cast, especially Patti French – they made that family come alive (and that lizard!) Great work Essential Theatre!” Hannah Leatherbury, Program Director, Individual Artist Services, Southern Arts Federation

“Saw the third play, QUALITIES OF STARLIGHT, at the Essential Theatre Play Festival. Lovely play with great ideas, poetics, humor, a suppy of meth, a “cool” ghost and a rockin’ lizard!” James Beck

“I thought the script was great and Daniel Burnley just blew me away.” Barbara Hawkins