What people are saying about “Darker Face of the Earth”

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“Very fine performance of the “Darker Face of the Earth.” Very strong cast and well produced.”
Joe Bankoff, President and CEO of The Woodruff Arts Center

“The scope of this play is large, and the execution is sharp. This play is engaging theatrically, visually, historically and spiritually. Essential always puts on a good show, and this may be its most awe-some yet. I hope this play gets the kind of turnout it deserves. Congrats to Peter, Betty, Essential and the outstanding cast!”
Hank Kimmel, Board Chair, Working Title Playwrights

“A very well acted piece. I especially liked the actress playing Phoebe. This concept of Oedipus made the story more real than any production I’ve ever seen.”
Barbara Hawkins-Scott, Director, Actor

“I was mesmerized. Everyone needs to see it!”
Yolanda Asher, Actor

“For those of you lucky enough to be seeing “The Darker Face of the Earth” tonight, you are in for a treat! I saw the preview – and was mesmerized … ensemble, direction, movement, music, story, staging, set and lighting”
Jackie Scott Prucha, Actor

“Beautifully written, beautifully performed. The rhythms, music, poetry, timing. . . wonderful performances and production.”
Lynne Ashe