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Buy your Essential Theatre Flex Pass and Save Even More
Get a Flex Pass between now and June 15th and in addition to the savings up to 50%, we will pay for gas. Enter the code “GAS” when you purchase your Flex Pass and you save $5.

Flex Pass FAQ

How does the Flex Pass work?
When you purchase a three, six or ten ticket Flex Pass, you can use those tickets however you wish. You can bring a big party on one night or divide your tickets across multiple performances. You can use them all for one play, or you can use your pass to see all three plays at different times.

Are all Flex Passes good for the same number of admissions? If so, what is that number?
No, you can get a Flex Pass good for 3, 6, or 10 tickets. This will be reflected both in the name of the Flex Pass and its price.

Are there restrictions on which performances the Flex Passes are good for?
There are no blackout dates or restrictions, and you can even wait until a few hours before a performance to get your tickets online. In order to redeem the tickets on your Flex Pass, you MUST reserve tickets online, however!

How do I redeem my Flex Pass for tickets to see a show?
To redeem your Flex Pass for tickets to a particular performance, simply visit OvationTix online and redeem as many tickets as you’re ready to reserve at that time, up to the number of remaining tickets on your Flex Pass, of course.

What if I purchase the ten ticket Flex Pass, but I only want to reserve one or two of the tickets now?
You don’t need to reserve all your tickets at a single visit. You can visit the website again to select your remaining tickets. You just use them when you need them. For example, if you buy a ten ticket Flex Pass, you can see one performance by yourself and later choose to use your remaining tickets to come back with eight friends on another night. Whenever you want, simply go online and choose up to your remaining number of tickets for whichever show you want to see.

Do I need to actually make a reservation, or can I just present my Flex Pass at the box office?
The box office is not able to redeem or sell Flex Passes directly at the time of a performance. You MUST redeem your Flex Pass online prior to arriving at the theatre. If you have difficulty, you can call OvationTix at 866.811.4111. While the box office is unable to process or sell Flex Passes at the time of the performance, you may redeem your Flex Pass up until a few hours before whatever show you’d like to attend, by logging in online.

What if I haven’t used all the tickets on my Flex Pass by the time the Festival ends?
If you find you cannot use all the tickets on your Flex Pass, you can donate any remaining tickets as a tax-deductible donation by notifying us at [email protected]

Once I’ve bought a single ticket for a Festival show, can I later decide to buy a Flex Pass and get a refund for the regular ticket I’ve already purchased?
No, single tickets can’t be credited to a Flex Pass once they’ve been purchased separately. So get your Flex Pass today and start saving!