: Audience Response


“Ada’s ‘effervescence’ is contagious. I can’t imagine the casting being better – it is perfect…The script was delightful, poignant and often hilarious! I love celebrating genius women of the 1800’s! This play needs to go BIG; don’t let it just stay here in Atlanta – share it with the world!”

“This is a beautiful production of one of my favorite Lauren Gunderson plays and the actors are great!”

“As [a techie], it was right up my alley.  I love hearing the word ‘polynomials’ in a British accent.”

“Okay, ‘Ada and the Memory Engine’ has to be one of the best productions in Essential Festival’s distinguished history. Lauren Gunderson, Ellen McQueen, and Ashley Anderson are ALL Queens, Princesses, dare I say Goddesses?”

“Who says there isn’t passion in math and science? The preview performance of ADA AND THE MEMORY ENGINE about Ada Byron Lovelace, Lord Byron’s brilliant mathematician daughter, and Charles Baggage, developer of the Difference Engine, was astounding. Script and fantastic performances especially by leads Ashley Anderson and Mark Cosby.”

“ADA AND THE MEMORY ENGINE was exquisite! If you can, you should definitely check it out.”