: Audience Response and Partner Feedback

“I was really touched and overwhelmed by the workshop I attended. I saw both the way story could unite…neighborhoods…and felt how important it was in the work I do as a mediator. I expected to come to contribute time and energy and instead was vastly contributed to. Thank you so much for the stimulation and the experience. I loved it.” –Christine Carlsten (board, event participant, event volunteer)

“I love that [the play] was about home and the west end. It was strong, powerful” -audience member

“The venue is embedded in the community, the ‘production values’ appropriate to the circumstances. ‘BeltLine & Beyond’ worked well in the library space.” -Gerard Stropnicky, workshop leader

The project “did bring more attention to Brown Middle School and our Wren’s Nest Scribes program.” –Kalin Thomas, Wren’s Nest program director

“What could be more distinctively Georgian than those middle school stories? My hope is that the tools…offered will be wisely, creatively, actively employed. Our cities, states, nation and world need some empathy!” –Gerard Stropnicky, workshop leader

“The script was excellent, and the play was well-organized and well-acted.” -Brown Middle School volunteer

“You had a really great event. The workshops looked amazing. I was impressed with what you put together.” –Patricia Henritze, our Humanities Scholar

“collaboration efforts and the quality of performance were outstanding.”  Dr. Nicole Brodie, Brown Middle School liason

“I just wanted to thank you for being such a great partner with our Scribes program, and for the AWESOME job you and your team did with making a play from the Brown Scribes book, BeltLine & Beyond” -Kalin Thomas, Wren’s Nest Program Director