: Audience Response

“A beautiful story. You gotta see this play.”

“A wonderful production of your fascinating, compelling show. The cast, the direction, the production values, marketing, all top notch.”

“I really like how the structure of this piece lets us know some answers ahead of Genevieve, and how it still lets us share her excitement in finding those answers.  I like how the characters change — grow — over time, how facets of their character are revealed in a “by the way” manner after we think we know everything about them.  I like how we see the same incidents from different points of view, how the “real story” is only revealed when both sides are “compared.”  I like how potential “villains” and antagonists are treated with respect, even kindness.  I like how the characters surprise us with their choices, with their eccentricities, with their willingness to “see the other side” in all the conflicts.  I like how even the smallest characters are given dimension, and appeal.  And I especially like how Genevieve is “painted” as a magnetic “force of nature,” as one who appeals (semi sorta) to everyone she meets, how one moment she can give vent to a prickly temper, but the next be filled with regret, even affection.”

“It left me feeling refreshed and invigorated, as if I’d spent quality time with family and friends.”