: Audience Response

“The play hypnotizes with performances that are true, clear, and sure to have the little hairs on your arm standing up! Thank you Peter Hardy for your stellar direction; the cast is perfection. Thank you to playwright Rachel Graf Evans: her script delights. Hey y’all: GO SEE THIS PLAY!”   -Lisa Nanette Allender

“Stop everything you’re doing & mark your calendars to see BUILT TO FLOAT at the 20th Annual Essential Theatre Play Festival.  I was completely blown away. Wow. Bravo!  Kudos to Peter Hardy!  Absolutely amazing performances from the entire cast!”    -Laura Meyers

“You will be drawn in and captivated by each and every word.”  -Mark Perloe

“[I] can’t wait to see it again. It’s hard to talk about it without giving away any spoilers. It’s described as ‘the magical realist tale of two sisters trying not to drown in the haunted legacy of their troubled family.’ I want you to discover elements in your own time and not come with preconceived ideas. It’s more fun that way!”  -Yolanda Asher