Slaying Holofernes

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by Emily McClain, directed by Peter HardyWorld premiere opens Friday, July 26, 2019

A young female painter struggles to gain recognition for her work within the male-dominated art world of Renaissance Italy. Meanwhile, in the contemporary United States, a young career woman encounters her own version of the same challenges as she fights for recognition in the workplace. chiaroscuro or Slaying Holofernes blends and blurs the worlds of past/present, fact/fiction, and personal/political as it explores two women’s parallel quests for justice in an imperfect world.

Advisory: There is a sexual assault in the play. There is a scene of intense physical pain.

Meet the Playwright: Emily McClain

July 25 – Preview (8pm)
July 26 – Opening (8pm)
July 27 – Neighborhood Night (8pm, meet and greet with playwright Emily McClain)
Aug. 3 – 8pm
Aug. 4 – 2pm
Aug. 9 – 8pm
Aug. 11 – 7pm
Aug. 13 – 8pm Industry Night
Aug. 18 – 2pm
Aug. 19 – 8pm Industry Night
Aug. 22 – 10am matinee*
Aug. 24 – 8pm Closing Night


Sasha Hatfield as Artemesia Gentileschi
Erika Miranda as Amanda
Fred Galyean as Agostino Tassi
Brad Brooks as Orazio and Oscar
Jeff Hathcoat as Anthony and Coppino
Sarah Wallace as Tuzia and Tonya
Tamil Periasamy as Stiatessi and Greg
Joey Davila as Penatelli and Lucas
Dan Reichard as the Judge

Artistic Team:

Playwright: Emily McClain
Director: Peter Hardy
Assistant Director: Natalie Fox
Dramaturg: Maggie Higgenbothem
Stage Manager: Kyra Cohen
Scenic Designer: Gabrielle S. Stephenson
Lighting Designer: Harley Gould
Lighting Intern: Maliya McCall
Sound Designer: Kacie Willis
Costume Designer: Jane Kroessig
Assistant Costume Designer: Amie Kroessig
Propsmaster: Courtney Loner
Intimacy Coach: Ash Anderson