Babyshower for the Antichrist

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by Ben Thorpe, directed by Shannon Eubanks.
World premiere opens Friday, August 2, 2019.

It’s the night of the ‘Hell Feast’ and a small, isolated cult is prepping for the birth of the Antichrist. When an outsider is invited for the evening, secrets about the past come to light and threaten to ruin everything the group has built. Plus, there’s a talking goat… so that’s pretty cool.


Meet the Playwright: Ben Thorpe


Aug 1 – Preview (8pm)

Aug. 2 – Opening Night (8pm)

Aug. 4 – Neighborhood Night (7pm, meet and greet with playwright Ben Thorpe)

Aug. 5 – Industry Night (8pm)

Aug. 8 – 8pm

Aug. 10 – 8pm

Aug. 11 – 2pm

Aug. 17 – 8pm

Aug. 18 – 7pm

Aug. 20 – Industry Night (8pm)
Aug. 22 – 8pm

Aug. 23 – 10am matinee*

Aug. 23 – 8pm

Aug. 25 – Closing Performance (2pm)


Suzanne Roush as Reba
Gina Rickicki as Dee
Asia Howard as Monica
Madison Welch as Julie
Taylor Bahin as Shelley

Artistic Team:

Playwright: Ben Thorpe
Director: Shannon Eubanks
Dramaturg: Maggie Higgenbothem
Stage Manager: Efrem Whitaker
Scenic Designer: Gabrielle S. Stephenson
Lighting Designer: Harley Gould
Lighting Intern: Maliya McCall
Sound Designer: Kacie Willis
Propsmaster: Kathy Manning