General Auditions for A Thousand Circlets

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Saturday, March 19, from Noon to 3 p.m.

Location: 1083 Austin Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307 The Juggler’s Room in the Little Five Points Community Center (the building that Horizon Theatre is located in). It’s on the top floor, the first door on your right as you come to the top of the stairs.

Director: Betty Hart


“A Thousand Circlets” will be one of three productions running in repertory in the 2011 Essential Theatre Play Festival, which will run from June 30 – July 31 at Actor’s Express.

Please bring in two contrasting monologues, totaling not more than 4 minutes. We will NOT be reading from the play at this time.

Non-union casting. All roles will be stipend-paid.

All the characters are African-American.

Casting Breakdown:

  • Earl Leighton The family patriarch, an architect, self made, proud, on the verge of realizing a life’s ambition: to build a skyscraper, 60 yrs. old.
  • Liz Kensey Leighton Earl’s second wife, a retired literature professor, runs an efficient household, sharp, quite comfortable amongst the trappings of wealth; 57 yrs. old.
  • Caleb Leighton The eldest son, a CFO in his father’s architecture firm, a father of two, workaholic, a blunt instrument; 35 yrs. old.
  • Rebecca Leighton Earl’s daughter, a journalist, a wanderer, complicated, passionate, recently fired; 33 yrs old.
  • Grey Kensey Earl’s stepson, an architect at a small firm in New York, a bit lost, stubborn, independent to a fault; 32 yrs. old.

For appointment time: Email [email protected] or call 404-212-0815.
Mailing Address: Essential Theatre, 1414 Foxhall Lane #10, Atlanta, GA 30316.