DaVinci’s Pizzeria Supports the Arts, Now You Need to Support DaVinci’s.

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Great Pizza, Great Theatre, It’s What’s Essential. 
Print this coupon and take it to DaVinci’s Pizzeria and  20% of your tab will be donated to support this year’s Essential Theatre Festival. 

The term Pizzaiolo originated in Old World Italy.  In the old villages, there were many places to find pizza in the markets.  But every village had one that stood out in a unique way, and generally, the person driving that shop was referred to a Pizzaiolo.  Each Pizzaiolo was considered to be a master pie maker.

Nowadays, the term Pizzaiolo is loosely translated as “pizza chef”.  DaVinci’s Pizzeria was founded in the tradition of the Pizzaiolo.   A Pizzaiolo was a person of integrity, respect, and humility in the community.  We apply their philosophies of hard work, quality meats, and fresh produce, and adhere to the commitment that fresh does tastes best.

At Davinci’s, we strive to embody the spirit of the Pizzaiolo.  We honestly do things the old fashioned way.  Yes, it is a heck of a lot more work, but in the end, isn’t that what serving food is all about?