40 Days of Essential Playwrights – 35: THE LOCAL

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The Local, curated and directed by Ellen McQueen and written/created by over two dozen local writers and story contributors (2012)

35 - The Local

THE LOCAL, curated by Ellen McQueen and produced by Essential in 2012, was actually comprised of dozens of short plays, songs, poems and personal stories about the City of Atlanta. Writers and contributors included Margaret Baldwin, Matthew Myers, Carlton Molette, Barbara Molette, Karla Jennings, Sarah Satola, Topher Payne, Peter Hardy, Stephanie Schrag, Chris Buechner, Jessica Bodiford, Ellen McQueen, vynnie Meli, Oliver Turner, Ashley McQueen, Dre Camacho, John Dull, Julia Dahlia, Robin Bloodworth, Ida Glynn McQueen, James Knowles, Stevie Holt, LIsa and Christina Robinson, Slim Turner and Ty Turner.