40 Days of Essential Playwrights: 25 – Lauren Gunderson

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Lauren Gunderson

25 - parts they call deep

Lauren was our first award winner in 2001 with PARTS THEY CALL DEEP. She won again in 2004 for BACKGROUND, and she is currently based out of California and boasts a very successful playwriting career.

“The Essential Theatre has been fundamentally important for my career. When I was very young and unsure of how to sustain my work in theatre, they gave me strength. I speak from experience when I say that I will always credit them with my early success and confidence.”

PARTS THEY CALL DEEP wasn’t “submitted” to the Essential Playwriting Contest, per se. The young writer simply asked Peter Hardy if he would look at it, and when he read it, he asked if it could be considered for the prize. (It won.)

We are proud to have supported Lauren’s work. Won’t you support ours? 25 days left to give: https://www.power2give.org/go/p/8445