JC Reilly, one of the Georgia Poetry Society members who will be participating in a poetry reading at 7pm on Saturday July 25th prior to the 8pm “Ice Glen” performance. JC would like to offer this poem for your consideration. We hope you will come a bit early to hear JC’s poetry and the work of other GPS members.

    Fall, Star City by JC Reilly

    The blush has crept into the leaves,
    as sunshine, sanguine with the months
    of growing, cools its fire. The light
    that we get now is maizy, saturates

    everything with extract of gold, even
    the dogged verdigris of the Sower
    filling his bag, even the blacks
    of shadow and pavement.

    Mornings crisp, like new apples,
    glow with that rich, amber sheen,
    warm only in its hue. Along 13th,
    the maples and Bradford pears leaning

    over the walks, buckled with roots,
    gleam too, their discarded leaves
    like frenzied handprints. You could say
    that autumn in Lincoln is tumult

    gilded by late September sun, the leaves
    stabs of color in over-yellowed air,
    so much yellow concentrated here
    that spectrums everywhere else are bereft.

(previously published in
Stones Throw Magazine: http://www.stonesthrowmagazine.com/pdf/fall.star.city.reilly.pdf)

JC Reilly wishes everything could be written as a poem, including editorials, cereal ads, and weather reports. She is a displaced Louisiana poet living in Atlanta, with two strange cats and a quirky Socialist husband. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in the Xavier Review, the Arkansas Review, Cider Press Review, and three online journals, Ouroboros Review, Sweet: a Literary Confection, and Stone’s Throw Magazine.