20 Days of Essential Plays: Warts

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16 days left to see your donation matched through our power2give campaign: https://www2.power2give.org/campaigns/210

#16 in our accompanying 20 DAYS OF ESSENTIAL PLAYS series is WARTS, by Bill Gibson, won the 2002 Essential Theatre Playwriting Award and was produced as part of the 2002 Festival.

Since that time, Bill has had about 20 plays produced in Atlanta, New York and elsewhere. You’ve also seen his work read as part of the Bare Essentials the past two years, CHRIST, AMERICA in the summer of 2014 as well as our most recent Bare Essentials last month: THE CISCO KID WAS MY MOTHER’S BOYFRIEND.

We’re proud to have helped to bring Gibson’s first-ever full-length play to life and to have continued our relationship with him since that time, and we hope YOU will consider supporting US.

Once again, the link to our power2gove project ishttps://www2.power2give.org/campaigns/210
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