20 Days of Essential Plays: Images in Smoke

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#7 in our accompanying 20 DAYS OF ESSENTIAL PLAYWRIGHTS is IMAGES IN SMOKE by Karla Jennings, originally produced as part of the 2000 Essential Theatre Festival. Named one of the year’s best productions by Creative Loafing, IMAGES IN SMOKE was the first play by Jennings that Essential produced. It took place before the Playwriting Competition had been created, but in 2014 she did win the Playwriting Award with another play, RAVENS AND SEAGULLS, which was produced in that summer’s festival.

“Essential’s faith in playwrights strengthens their faith in themselves,” says Jennings. “Essential Theatre’s cultural impact is far greater than its annual new play festival — the inspiration a playwright gets from being selected by Essential Theatre can fuel a writing career for years.”

We are proud to support Karla and other playwrights across Georgia, and we hope you will consider supporting Essential so that we can continue to do so for years to come. Make a donation to our power2give campaign today:


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