Essential Marketplace FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about the Marketplace.


For Patrons

What is the idea behind the Essential Marketplace?
The idea for the Marketplace was born last summer when Be the Change People, Inc approached us and asked if they could sell their wares before performances of That Uganda Play. We agreed, and the general consensus was that it brought a great, festive vibe to the festival that we wanted to hold onto in future years.
It’s also true, and we’ve known for years, that many of our artists and supporters are vibrant visual artisans themselves, avidly painting, carpenting, quilting and more during their time offstage.
“What if,” we thought, “we could retool the Ugandan marketplace idea from last summer to create a new opportunity for our artists to share their passions with our audiences?” And so the Essential Marketplace was born.

How can I purchase these items?
Items will be for sale before the show and at intermission. Accepted payment types are at the discretion of the artist each night. Each artist also has an online Artist Profile that will tell you how you can find their art online outside of the Marketplace.

How much of the proceeds benefit the artist, and how much goes to Essential?
100% of the proceeds go to the artists. Artists do not have to pay a fee to participate, and they can set their own prices and payment parameters. We simply provide the venue and celebrate their talent and presence in our lives!

Can I meet the artists?
Yes you can! With very few exceptions, the person behind the table at the Essential Marketplace will be the artist who created the work.

For Artists

Who is eligible to be a Marketplace Artist?
Current and past Essential company members,  contributors, staff, board or volunteers may apply to participate in the Marketplace.

Is there a fee for participating in the Marketplace?
Absolutely not! We’re glad you want to be involved. 

What do I have to do?

  1. Fill out the online application.
  2. Sign up for a night or nights through the link that will be emailed to you once your application is received and approved.
  3. Arrive at the theatre about an hour and a half before the show to set up your table. The table and chair(s) will be provided. You bring everything else. Audience starts arriving about an hour before most shows, so you’ll want to be ready to go by then.
  4. Figure out what forms of payment you’d like to accept and be prepared to process them. If you have questions about this, contact [email protected].
  5. You can stay through intermission or until the end of the show, whichever you prefer. When you decide you’re done for the night, just pack up your stuff and leave the room as you found it! It’s that simple.

Is there anything else I should know?
This is our first stab at the Marketplace too, so there’s a lot we don’t even know yet. We’ll continue building this FAQ page as we learn more, but in the meantime you can contact [email protected] at any time with questions, suggestions or feedback. It is very likely that we’ll send out a short survey after the festival to our first-year Marketplace participants to see what we can improve for next year.