Essential Theatre Shop FAQ

When will my order be available for pickup?
Orders will be filled according to the following schedule:

Order between:Pick up:Ship Date:
Wed 7/3 – Mon 7/29on/after Thu 8/8Thu 8/8
Tue 7/30 – Mon 8/12on/after Thu 8/22Thu 8/22
Tue 8/13 – Wed 8/21ON SUN 9/1 ONLY!Tue 9/3
Wed 8/21 – Sun 9/1n/aThu 9/12

Where do I go to pick up my order?
Orders will be available for pickup AT 7 STAGES THEATRE starting 45 minutes prior to showtime during the Essential Theatre Play Festival on the pickup date listed in the table above. (Click here to see the full performance schedule)

How do I get my order shipped to me if I don’t want to (or am not able to) pick it up at the Festival?
To elect shipping your order via UPS ground, please add the “shipping” service to your cart. (Look for the truck icon under Products). Please read the processing schedule above to know when your order will ship or be available for pickup!

Shipping information is required at checkout, but I want to pick up my order when I come to the Festival.
No worries! Just enter “N/A” in the required fields under Shipping Information. If you have not added Shipping to your cart from the Products page, your order will be processed for pick-up whether you add an address in this section or not.

How long do I have to pick up my order?
All pickup orders will be available from their “Pick up on/after” date until the end of the Festival on Sunday September 1.

What else do I need to know about placing my order?
25th Anniversary product sales end Sun 9/1 so don’t wait!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PICKUP ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 9/1. Orders placed after Aug 21 are SHIP ONLY and will ship Tue 9/12.

Still have questions?For more information, contact [email protected]. Thank you for supporting Georgia playwrights and thank you for supporting the Essential Theatre!