Stagecraft Lesson: Common Saws and Lumber Cuts for Theatre

Unit Title: Stagecraft
Lesson: Common Saws and Lumber Cuts
Grade Level: 9th-12th Grade

Overview: In this lesson, students will be given a handout to view that gives pictures and descriptions of saws that are commonly found in the Theater shop. It also gives descriptions of and a chart of the common types of cuts in wood. This will provide basics of identification for practical application.

*This lesson is good for students who have little to no prior knowledge of saws and cuts as well as being a good refresher for those who have more.

Reference Material:
Common Saw Types and Lumber Cuts for Theatre
Sample Questions for Common Saw types and Lumber Cuts for Theatre with Answers
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Lesson Steps:
1. Have students view the common saws and lumber cuts handout
2. Give students questions related to the handout to answer. (a list of sample questions is included)
3. (extension activity) Ask students to design a simple object (Chair, Bench, Picture Frame box, etc..) and give details of what types of cuts and saws they might need to complete their project in real life.

-This lesson is intended to be an introduction or refresher to equipment and skills students will encounter and utilize in a theatre shop. Students should be able to identify and incorporate this information during practical shop time.

Created for Essential Theatre: Lesson Plans & Resources for Educators by Elisabeth Cooper
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